About ICG

Imperator Consulting Group (ICG) is a multi-disciplined professional consultancy with broad military, law enforcement and global security and corporate experience.  The mission of the ICG is to provide diverse consultation to clients benefiting from advisory, assessment, policy and procedure development, leadership, business resiliency, risk mitigation, training and a variety of critical services.  Clients experience a high degree of professionalism and experience with measurable performance and repeatable results. 

Imperator Consulting Group is committed to integrity, striving to maintain the highest standards in everything we do.  We believe in empowering people and understand the power to change is profound.  You can expect the highest levels of moral, legal and ethical conduct when engaging ICG, as an individual, business, or enterprise.


We are proud to offer seminars, workshops, talks and training in a diverse group of critical subjects.  Instructors are subject matter experts “SME” who meet and exceed client needs.  Each course is designed as a superior product, unsurpassed in the market space and maximizing benefit to clients and stakeholders.  We also understand discretion and non-disclosure when clients wish to maintain privacy or need to rely on us for independent reviews.

Consultancy services include, but are not limited to:

  • Seminars, Talks and Training

  • Violence & Active Shooter in the Workplace & Educational Institutes

  • Personal Safety and Awareness

  • Risk Identification and Mitigation

  • Leadership, Organizational Change, Strategic Planning, Coaching

  • Business and Enterprise Resiliency

  • Policy / Procedure Development & Review

  • Travel security planning for individuals and groups

  • Global and Integrated Security Operations Centers (GSOC / ISOC)

  • Site Vulnerability Assessments

  • Stakeholder Convergence

  • Enhanced First Aid / Tactical First Aid (CAEMS approved, AB1598 First Responder compliant)

  • Basic and Advanced Firearms instruction

  • Corporate Security / Executive Protection

Our Team

The Imperator Consulting Group relies on a team of highly trained and experienced professionals with rare and unique expertise, from combat operations to diplomatic security, business resiliency, risk mitigation and everything in-between.  ICG is fortunate to partner with industry experts and leaders having the unique ability to fulfill client needs within the U.S. and abroad.  You will not find a harder working or more dedicated group of individuals, committed to successful outcomes no matter what the client requires.  If you aren’t relying on Imperator Consulting Group your interests are at risk. 


Full resumes or curriculum vitae are available to facilitate contracts as needed while maintaining personal and professional security required by our consultants. If this seems strange or unusual to you, you are probably on the wrong website.