Tim Scarrott, Founder

· Strong leadership experience and operational background in law enforcement and military operations

· Corporate experience within fortune & global 500 companies (consultant and FTE)

· Experience in agile / multidiscipline / high performance teams, including SCRUM & lean management

· Strong verbal communication skills including public speaking, training, presentations, expert testimony

· Strong written communication skills including reporting, documentation and use of Word, Excel, PowerPoint

· Experienced in technology communications, implementing internal and external cloud based collaboration

· Understanding of FISMA, NIST, PII / PHI, information security convergence, RFA / data center security

· Experienced in policy and procedure authoring and development, legal and ethical touchpoints, POI program

· Experienced with horizontal and vertical leadership and work effort and non-siloed communication

· Extensive interview & investigative experience including large, coordinated, and high profile cases

· U.S. Army Combat Veteran, Iraq 2005, Combat Infantry Badge (CIB), Valorous Unit Award

· DOJ Certified Instructor, Certified Range Master, 18 years’ experience military & law enforcement instructor 

· Experienced / Current Certification in Tactical Casualty Care / Tactical First Aid & CEMSA Instructor certified

· Guest Instructor and speaker at several SWAT conferences, publications author

· Experience in supporting partnerships, contracts and negotiations, marketing and public relations

· Expert in violence / workplace violence / active shooter risk reduction / training / awareness

· Patent Pending for a strategic violence & active shooter assessment, mitigation & intervention tool


Additional Consultant information available as needed & upon request.