Every Day Carry

"EDC" Course

Tuition:  $60

Duration:  2 hours

Maximum class size:  12 clients (when held at ASP Vacaville)


If you have a CCW, or are applying for a CCW, carry a weapon on or off duty or in plain clothes, this course is for you!  The Every Day Carry “EDC” Course covers the legal aspects of CCW carrying, and laws regarding defending yourself in and out of your home.  This course answers the question “what options do I have and when should I shoot.”  The course also covers the types of carry and holsters, as well as EDC items like pocket knives, flash lights and what goes into a daily carry bag or bailout / bugout bag.

This course will also teach you discreet ways to carry your EDC items, and recommendations for bags and equipment.  This portion of the course is hands on so you'll have the opportunity to check out a variety of gear and holsters from different manufacturers.

Course objectives:

  • EDC Carry

  • Laws regarding CCW carry

  • Laws regarding defending yourself (in your home and while CCW)

  • Pistols and holsters

  • Methods of carry - strong side, ankle, appendix, small of back, etc.

  • Calibers and ammunition

  • EDC Carry items

  • Bailout bags / bugout bags


Course requirements:

  • Notepad and pen