Handgun Safety Training

ICG currently only offers handgun safety training in a classroom setting.  

Handgun Safety

Introductory Handgun

Tuition:  $60

Duration:  2 hours

Maximum class size:  14  (when held at ASP Vacaville)


This is a classroom focused course (no shooting) including useful information about safety, loading and unloading, easing concerns of children in the home, feel more comfortable with handguns, and have an opportunity to ask questions.  You’ll learn about modern semi-automatic pistols and revolvers, how to select the right handgun for you, transportation, storage and the Handgun Safety Certificate.  This course is for new handgun owners, anyone who wishes to become more familiar with handguns, or considering a handgun purchase.  Experienced handgun owners can enroll directly to Basic Handgun.

Course objectives:

  • Safety and safe handling

  • Nomenclature and function of handguns

  • How to select the right handgun for you

  • Storage, safekeeping and transportation

  • Care and maintenance

  • Addressing concerns of children in the home

  • Loading and unloading of a semi-automatic and revolver

  • Review of requirements for Handgun Safety Certificate


Course requirements:

  • Notepad and pen



Handgun Safety Certificate test on the same day for $20 ($5 discount)

10 years old & up with a parent or guardian over 21.