Personal Safety &

Awareness Course

2 hour presentation:  $60

4 hour workshop: $100

Clients receive a certificate of completion and printed course material.


Your safety is very important, and the simple techniques you learn in this course will become part of your daily routine.  These techniques don’t require any financial investment and you can start using the skills the instant you learn them.  You’ll learn how to detect and avoid danger, be aware of your surroundings and how to stay safe at home, school, work, while traveling, and more!  This course goes beyond a checklist by explaining what to look for, and how to react to different situations.  In today’s changing world, this is a must attend course for everyone, including young adults.   

You’ll learn about safety and awareness wherever you are, hidden dangers, scams, and how to safeguard yourself and loved ones.  This course also teaches about electronic safety and internet safety, and how to keep your information private.  The course material is a proven combination of information and will teach you the most important aspects of personal safety & awareness.

Course subjects include safety and awareness:


  • Every day

  • At home

  • At work or school

  • Public places

  • Parking lots

  • While traveling within or outside the U.S.

  • Hotels

  • Flying

  • Personal information security

  • How to get help