Tactical Rifle Courses

Imperator Consulting Group is proud to offer tactical rifle training classes, instructed by subject matter experts.  Clients receive instruction in the classroom and range.  Whether you are considering a rifle purchase, own a tactical rifle or want to achieve a better understanding of rifles, these courses are for you!   


Private rifle instruction is available for individuals and groups, and available as part of other training courses and leadership events.

Clients wishing to receive advanced tactical rifle training are referred to the Direct Action Group Tactical Rifle Program

Introductory Tactical Rifle

Introductory Tactical Rifle, classroom only


Tuition:  $60

Duration:  2 hours

Maximum class size:  12 clients (when held at ASP Vacaville)


Clients receive a certificate of completion. 


Clients learn about the modern tactical rifle, taught by a subject matter expert.  This course is designed as an introduction to modern tactical rifles (M4, AK47, Ruger Mini14, M1a, SCAR, etc.).  These rifles have grown in popularity but misinformation about these rifles is a constant and serious concern.  You will learn about the benefits of rifle variants, and learn the most important aspects of the modern rifle, sights, accessories, selection of ammunition, and more.  This course focuses on classroom instruction and is designed for new rifle owners and anyone who wishes to become more familiar with their rifle. 




  • Introduction and overview of modern tactical rifles

  • Nomenclature, Cycle of Operations (how rifles work)

  • Safety, Safe Handling

  • Care and maintenance

  • Laws and concerns of children in the home

  • Safe storage and transportation

  • Terminology and understanding of zero (sighting in your rifle)

  • Understanding of calibers, ballistics and ammunition

  • Discussion of slings, optics, accessories and modifications

  • Basics of shooting and combat shooting




  • Notepad and pen



Age 18 & over

Basic Tactical Rifle

Basic Tactical Rifle (on the range)

Tuition:  $200

Duration:  6 hours

Maximum class size:  10


Clients receive a certificate of completion. 


This course is designed to provide the tactical rifle owner with a foundation of instruction for the tactical rifle (M4, AK47, Ruger Mini14, M1a, SCAR, etc.).  The period of instruction is consistent with standards of military and law enforcement training to increase your knowledge, confidence and operation of your rifle.  You will learn to zero your rifle, fire groups of shots at varying distances and use a variety of shooting positions.  This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn to operate their rifle safely and proficiently.


This course is held at the Twin Sisters shooting range from 10am – 4pm.




  • Introduction to the modern rifle, nomenclature and accessories

  • Safety and safe handling

  • Terminology and methods of zero (sighting in your rifle)

  • Zero the rifle (iron sights and optics)

  • Understanding of calibers and ballistics

  • Fundamentals of shooting

  • Fundamental of combat shooting

  • Firing positions (prone, sitting, kneeling, standing)

  • Distance fire and close quarters fire




  • Rifle (California legal for courses within California)

  • 2 magazines (California legal for courses within California)

  • Notepad and pen

  • Eye protection

  • Ear protection

  • 150 rounds of ammunition (special pricing available from ASP)

  • Range clothing and boots (you will do a fair amount of walking)

  • Shooting mat is optional


Age 18 & over