Imperator Consulting Group provides consultancy services and training within the western United States as the primary area of operations.  Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) provide services based on client needs and deployable worldwide.  Goals are achieved with measurable, repeatable and defendable results. 
Workplace Safety &
 Violence Mitigation

For businesses or an enterprise, our team has experience mitigating Workplace Violence and Active Shooter potential.  We are experienced in Persons of Interest programs, multiple stakeholder convergence and we have a defendable, repeatable risk ranking and mitigating structure.  Please do not hesitate to contact us to assist you, from new hires to the C-Suite. 

Risk Mitigation is a critical aspect of business with criticality increasing in direct proportion to the risk and potential impact.  ICG is capable of conducting independent assessments to ensure your risks are properly assessed with mitigation strategies we can help execute. 

Business resilience is a lot more than a C-Suit buzz word.  Have you considered how an impetus event may impact your business, and how you will recover?  Business resilience instills confidence inside and outside the organization, strengthens the business and relationships and ensures your assets and people are protected.

Global Security Operations Centers and Integrated Security Operations Centers are the best way to maintain business and enterprise awareness.  Security officers sitting at a desk or answering phonecalls are an unutilized asset.  That same security officer can conducted a variety of tasks when properly trained and provided the tools to succeed.  “GSOC” and “ISOC” concepts form a nuclease of convergence to monitor the physical environment. 


Leadership, leadership management and change leadership are critical aspects of business.  Whether you are experiencing a merger, trying to correct deficiencies, affect positive change, or want to maximize your organizational effectiveness, Imperator Consulting Group is prepared to help you. 

Imperator Consulting Group is proud to offer seminars, talks and training in a diverse group of critical subjects.  Instructors are subject matter experts “SME” who meet and exceed client needs.  Each course is designed as a superior product, unsurpassed in the market space and maximizing benefit to clients and stakeholders.  From battlefield to boardroom, we produce superior results.