Imperator Consulting Group is proud to consider these companies as strategic partners.  These are industry leaders, capable of meeting client needs based on location and business capabilities.  Please feel free to contact ICG for references and review their websites.

Ammunition Supply Point is a veteran owned and operated gun store and indoor shooting range located in Vacaville, Ca.  They have an experienced and knowledgeable staff dedicated to customer service.  ASP sells firearms, ammunition, equipment, accessories, and offering gunsmithing services.   ICG is proud to offer talks, training and seminars at the ASP location.

The Direct Action Group / TFTT mission is to provide the highest level of cutting edge instruction in the most up to date and progressive firearms skills and tactics. The DAG Cadre has trained thousands of SWAT and patrol officers from the United States in addition to many hundreds of foreign military and police operators.

Leadership is an art backed by science. It can be a skill, it can be a talent, it can be learned, shaped, fostered, grown and even taught. Not everyone wants to be a leader; not everyone can be a leader, not everyone should be.  Opinions vary based on beliefs, experiences, feelings, passion, successes and failures. One thing we know without a doubt: leadership is about people.

Folsom Martial Arts Center is a unique martial arts dojo located in Folsom, Ca.  Founded by Master Jason Froelich, the center serves a variety of clients with simple and effective self-defense techniques.  He teaches simple, direct, and effective skills that work in all situations.

JEC Arms

JEC Arms leads the industry in custom and manufacturing Cerakote finishes.  John is the best Cerakote shop in northern California and arguably the western United States.  He provides a highly professional service and superior product.

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