Imperator Consulting Group is proud to offers presentations, talks, and training in a diverse group of critical subjects.  Instructors are subject matter experts “SME” who meet and exceed client needs.  Each course is designed as a superior product, unsurpassed in the market space and maximizing benefit to clients and stakeholders.  From battlefield to boardroom, we produce superior results.

Enhanced First Aid / Tactical First Aid or “Tactical Combat Casualty Care” encompasses the techniques, training, and equipment used to render lifesaving medical aid to victims of violent injury.  If you are a teacher, police officer, security officer, CCW or every day carry “EDC”, or want, or need to enhance your existing first aid training, this course is for you. 

Personal safety and awareness is a critical aspect of day to day activities, from school or work to traveling abroad.  This course is designed to provide clients with the skills necessary to safeguard from danger.  In today’s changing world, this is a must attend course for everyone, including your children. 

Workplace Violence and Active Shooter are a significant and growing concern within the United States and throughout the world.  This presentation informs about Violence and Active Shooter including warning signs, how to report them, and how to stay safe.  Presentations are adjusted for the audience, from school children to the C-Suite.

Imperator Consulting Group is proud to offer handgun training classes, instructed by subject matter experts.  Clients receive instruction in the classroom and range.  Courses are designed from first time handgun owners to experienced shooters, with a progression of experience and education with each class. 

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